Our Garden

Intentionally we stand high-tech devices, the absolute world wide in 3D represent in the middle of a garden.
Lavish create the garden part in our shop from many nature products will show our philosophy,
"Say yes to scientific and technical progress".
"Say yes to use the pleasures of high-technology and its products".

... But, considering your WHAT and HOW it want to use and do not forget this all our livelihoods the NATURE.
Please protect and receive our nature by your little as possible use natural onerous or even destructive substances.
Our aim is to produce in our shop only biodegradable products that can be supplied to the natural recovery cycle again so.

... And we want to provide where possible only organically produced (without chemicals). We consider our suppliers
before we order whether those our biological guidelines can be followed.

Visit us soon and relax over a coffee or a glass of fruit/vegetable juice and a good view of all the interesting details
in our high-tech Garden.

see you soon!